Rivers of Life, Romania...No Longer Forsaken!

More than ten years ago, Lydia answered God’s call to Romania and left an excellent job as an insurance adjuster in the Houston area, where she was also heavily involved with the Republican party, and chaired Randy Pennington's Citizen's task force on private education. Earlier Lydia had been, for ten years, the assistant to the Director of Faith Christian Academy, Pasadena, Texas.

In 1998 Lydia, a graduate of Wheaton Bible College moved, by faith, to Romania and she soon established there an EU-accredited, NGO, (nonprofit, nongovernmental social agency) for her ministry within Romania, named Rivers of Life, Romania. Named the European cultural capitol for 2007, Sibiu (where the church Lydia also started for her students in 2001 is located), holds important keys to Romania.

In 1996, she heard God speak that Romania would someday be a light to all of Europe. Lydia believes that many of her 50+ graduates will play important roles in this happening. Upon her return to Romania after a visit to the US, Lydia will be establishing a new literacy school/family center outside Brasov, near Vulcan, Romania.